Sunday, October 31, 2010

English Delphiniums, Lousy Weather and Primula Auriculas

It has been a while since I last posted. Some of the delphiniums shown above are named cultivars brought over from England and some are seedlings grown last year. The delphiniums this year were greatly affected by root maggots which killed many a good plant. Moreover, the weather in Anchorage this summer was awful, especially with 30 consecutive days of rain. The only highlight was the progress of the primula auriculas many of whom can be divided every year. I have posted some pics below!

The roses are buried and everything is ready for winter. Hopefully, next year the sun will appear....

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TerryD said...

Hi David,

Your primulas look beautiful and almost rival the delphiniums.

Sorry you had such a bad season. The picotee mauve/pink looks very interesting but I seem to remember you saying this one was lost. Have you managed to reproduce it?

We're about to start our season now and I'm aiming for a great display around January. We've around 10,000 seedlings on trial this summer - but most will be late.

Enjoy your planning months under the snow.



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